Manual Therapy, LLC Launches Healing Hands Blog

  • Apr 3,2014 admin Blog, women's health 0 Comment

    Three years ago, Ruth Jenkins founded Manual Therapy, LLC. Over the past three years, Manual Therapy has grown tremendously, offering the community of Crestview, Florida and it’s surrounding areas a quality option for all of their rehabilitation, occupational therapy, sports and massage therapy needs.

    It is fitting that today, as the Manual Therapy family celebrates three years, the Manual Therapy blog, The Helping Hands, is launched. This blog was created to extend Manual Therapy’s expertise in the healthcare industry and foster an environment where patients and readers can be educated on all areas of their well-being.
    The goal of the blog is to provide an interactive source for patient education, focusing on both reader questions and trending topics related to physical, rehab and occupational therapy.
    We will have a handful of regular bloggers, as well as guest bloggers, to cover all aspects of the healthcare continuum that are important to you. If you have any questions, feedback, or topics you’d like to see covered, please send us a note. Thanks for reading!

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